About the Designer

Design is not just a career for me. Everything that I enjoy comes from some sort of art, and it fuels me completely. I gravitate towards the colorful and creative, and incorporate it into any and all applications possible in my everyday life.

I firmly believe that if you look back on things you've done, and are still completely satisfied in the way they turned out, you are doing something wrong, and need to challenge yourself more. This philosophy carries through my work ethic, and supports my dynamic ability to quickly adapt to design for new industries, and applications.

A well-rounded background in all types of artistic design is a fundamental part of gaining inspiration, and this need to create in all forms is the passion that drives me to continue in design. I love being a designer because it is what I do best, and I am best because of my love for it.

Formal design and marketing communication education from Morrisville State College and Ithaca College, and real-world experience in brand identity and graphic design since 2007.

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