Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Make It Pop" and Other Illustrated Designer Horrors

I came across a collection of posters designed to illustrate a few of the key things that we tend to hear in the industry, and was elated to not only enjoy an inspiring visual project, but to know that I'm not alone.

Created by Mark and Paddy of, this brightly colored, and inspiring collection of designs add visuals to the hilarious requests that some less-than-informed clients tend to ask. In an earlier post, I raved about the truth and genius of the comic How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell by the Oatmeal. In said comic, the point is clearly made that sometimes the client is not always right, and essentially needs a little direction in order to help you give them exactly what they need (and want).

My very favorite phrase to hear from a client while in a working session, or after presenting them a visual draft of their original request is the infamous, "Make It Pop." This is by far, one of the most frequent requests that most of my clients have at one point said to me, and each one meant something very different in the end.