Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stories in Typography: continued

It's one thing to use typography as a medium to express a narrative or concept in design, but one group decided to publish the stories and background that was involved in creating their fonts and reveal the stories for each type.

Fontsmith - 10 years in type
Fontsmith - 10 Years in Type

 The incredibly creative Taylor Thomas created a very impressive site to present the fonts and the detailed stories behind the Fontsmith fonts in 10 Years in Type.

One thing that I'd like to point out is the wonderful interface in which they published the online version of these stories. It has a clean and modern feel, with a very contemporary style to the covers for each topic. The inclusion of the grid as the background is also a pleasant nod to the grids used when creating each character.

One of my favorite things in design is to document and be a part of a constantly evolving concept into the end result, and these stories incorporated those key factors and inside jokes that add to decision making, like those in the FS Joey story.

So much of design work is influenced by current events, and subtle input from incredibly random things that just add to the story behind why a design is the way it is. I was thrilled to also hear that not only did they create these documented tales, but they also packaged them and have them for sale. Unfortunately, they were for a limited time only, but if they ever reprint, it's officially on my wish list.

This collection is a fun use of web interface, and an entertaining read for anyone (regardless of their interest in typography).

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