Monday, March 25, 2013

The Making of Disney's "Paperman"

If you haven't been made aware of Paperman, the latest Disney animated short, I would classify it as a requirement for anyone seeking a shimmer of hope in an increasingly bleak time of the overpowering CG animation style entertainment.

Without actually diving too deep into the message, or the story that the animated short tells so well, the style of animation is absurdly unique for these changing times, and deserves some recognition. As an art form, frame-by-frame animation has become more and more of a dying medium, and there have been some ripples as to this meaning that the quality animation being sacrificed for a more economical, and convenient method. I tend to agree to a point, but cannot argue that such CG animated movies like Toy Story and Up are emotional gold.

In Paperman, they use a very creative combination of CG technology with a hand drawn finishing effect to create the illusion of a 100% hand drawn animation. I recently read a blog article on the making of Paperman, that opened my eyes to just how ridiculously dedicated animators can be.