Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Design Resource: Free Textures for Web

In order to create a truly memorable website design, one thing I try to focus on is including small, subtle design elements that indirectly contribute to a larger user experience. These style refinements, and graphic enhancements usually appear as the inclusion of drop shadows to create the illusion of depth and layers, or gradients to add a more robust color scheme and perspective, or the shiny reflective button glare effect that was so prevalent in 2006.

One particularly understated, yet sometimes over abused, styling element is the background texture. In cases where these graphics are abused with harsh contrasts, heavy saturation, patterns too complex to have legible text, and poor placement, this ultimately creates the sense of a 2003 myspace page instead of the intended professional web presence. Behold your solution, www.SubtlePatterns.com.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cazenovia College: Designer Interview

I was contacted last year by Patrick Ormsby, a visual communications student at Cazenovia College, to answer a few questions regarding what it's like to be a graphic designer in the working world.

The following questions and answers were the result of the inquiry:

What is your proudest moment as a designer?
As a designer who takes pride in their work, the most fulfilling thing you can do is to overcome a challenge and be truly pleased with what you've created. In turn, when you are happy with what you've made, your client will see the pride you have in your work, and take that as reassurance in your skills and ability. Learning a new technique, or building a better workflow to expedite your design process can also be incredibly rewarding, and a long-term benefits.