Monday, May 7, 2012

The Power Behind A Great Brand

This is one of my absolute favorite examples of powerful design. When I first came across Unevolved Brands, I was overcome with awe and excitement. To me, this was a perfect example of the power that designers have to make a life-long impression on the minds and lives of people. Graham Smith has taken some of the worlds most recognizable brands and simplified them into unified shapes with their most basic branding identifiers.

What really surprised me, was the fact that, even with these simplified logos in the form of colored circles, they were still VERY identifiable as specific companies and organizations.

Designers are tasked with taking very simple images and visuals, and creating very complicated emotional implications. For a brand identity, doing this right will result in a life-long association between a certain emotion or event in a persons life, and that product or service.

Not only is his collection of unevolved brands a masterpiece of creativity, but it's also a great matching game. There are over 100 logos to identify, with hints given based on primary colors used, how many letters in the titles, and region. How many can you identify?

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