Monday, April 30, 2012

Encoders & Avoiding the Robots

When I first started transitioning into web design from print layout, there were a lot of things that were obvious, and there were even more things that were so incredibly obtuse to the www. that I knew.

One such element of internet operations was the concept that "robots" were constantly searching sites and pages, harvesting information, and using them for "evil" (or how it was described to me at the time).

Aside from protecting yourself and your WhoIs data, the specific problem with including an email link on a page could get you a lot of unwanted attention/spam. For this, alternate methods were required, and off I searched for an encoder to keep my email safe. After consulting my constituents in the world of programming and back-end development, they had some strong opinions regarding best-use and applications of encoders.

Read more from Dan Benjamin and 5by5 Studios

They ultimately led me to the Hivelogic Enkoder. I needed something simple, quick to generate, and easy to apply to basic webpages for clients and myself. This was perfect. It only takes a minute or two to fill out the form, and voila, you have your code to embed in the page. It even allows the options for email subject line, and hover text for the link itself.

It was the perfect no-nonsense way to get what I needed, it's easily accessible via the internet, and easy to remember. It takes all your entered information from the fields, and generates simple javascript to hide the email address from roaming bots and spiders, but it's perfectly readable for human eyes via any and all browsers. I've been using it religiously since, and haven't come upon a contender for the simple needs I required met.

Simple for you, and hard for bots.

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