Monday, April 30, 2012

Encoders & Avoiding the Robots

When I first started transitioning into web design from print layout, there were a lot of things that were obvious, and there were even more things that were so incredibly obtuse to the www. that I knew.

One such element of internet operations was the concept that "robots" were constantly searching sites and pages, harvesting information, and using them for "evil" (or how it was described to me at the time).

Aside from protecting yourself and your WhoIs data, the specific problem with including an email link on a page could get you a lot of unwanted attention/spam. For this, alternate methods were required, and off I searched for an encoder to keep my email safe. After consulting my constituents in the world of programming and back-end development, they had some strong opinions regarding best-use and applications of encoders.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Binghamton Brewing Co. and Remlik's at Roberson Museum Annual Wine & Food Fest

One of my more recent pro-bono clients, Binghamton Brewing Company, successfully participated in the Roberson Museum Wine and Food Festival last Thursday, April 19.

View the Wine & Food Fest Photos
This annual event was held at the historic Roberson Museum and Science Center on Front Street in Binghamton, NY, and was a successfully sold out experience.

Over 30 local restaurants, breweries, bakeries, and wineries participated this year, and served as a significant fundraiser for the Museum and Science Center. Coverage of the event was provided by Bing Spot, the leading Binghamton social lifestyle guide, and FOX 40 news.

A Book Review: "Logo Design Love" by David Airey

Knowing that one of my absolute deepest passions regarding design is brand identity, a colleague recommended the book, "Logo Design Love" as a stellar resource for brand design tips and samples from one of the UK's most impressive designers, David Aiery.

There's just something fervently beautiful in the a long germination process of getting to intimately know a company, articulating their entirety into the most simple words and visuals, and creating one image that stands true as their unique definition in a world full of imitation. Such is the process of designing brands.